November 15, 2010

Snowball Fight – Impression Obsession

When I came across this stamp, my first thought was that I definitely didn’t need another snowman stamp; however, when I looked at the expressions of these snowmen, they reminded me of my 2 little dogs Harley and Levi.

Harley is a Malti-Poo and Levi is a Maltese. Harley is the older of the two and is usually very well behaved. Levi on the other hand is the baby and is very mischievous. Levi can sometimes coax Harley into doing things that he knows he shouldn’t. When I catch Levi and Harley misbehaving, Harley is usually looking back at me with an expression that says “Uh oh…”.  Levi on the other hand looks back at me with this guilty look and then immediately tries to look as cute and innocent as he can hoping he can play it off.

The scenario I just described to you is exactly what I saw when I looked at this stamp.  :) To me, Harley is the snowman in the back and Levi is the little snowguy in the front.

Snowball Fight1

I used Copics to color the snow and their hat and ear muffs. The frame is from Spellbinders. To create the background and edging around the frame, I used a little ink on a dauber. I lightly tapped the dauber on the ink pad, then rub most of the ink off on scratch paper. Once most of the ink was gone, I then lightly blended the background and edge until I got the color I wanted. To create dimension in the snow, I used a Liquid Appliqué pen in white.

Snowball Fight2

I had a lot of fun with this card and best of all, it was quick. This time of year, I am always interested in cards that I can be produced quickly.  :)

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