April 2, 2010

Pink Flamingo – By Impression Obsession

I have always had a love for pink flamingos. When I came across this stamp, I knew it was one I could not live without. Melanie and I both got this stamp at the same time. We had numerous discussions about the endless possibilities the stamp provided.  Monday, I came home late from work to find that a surprise had been left on my doorstep. Melanie had found the time to put some of the ideas that we had discussed into action before I did! Nonetheless, it was a nice surprise. Now, I love the stamp even more!  Mel always comes up with some very unique ideas. Her card looks fabulous!  Notice in the second picture where she used Spica Glitter pens to accent the feathers. She also used a Black Glaze Pen on the eye and a Clear Glaze Pen on the beak.

This weekend, l plan on putting my own ideas into action; however, I think I may have been officially challenged……I accept!!!  :)

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions for me or Melanie. It’s always nice to get ideas from others.




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