September 14, 2008

BasicGrey 6 x 6 Paper

We all know about BasicGrey and the beautiful high quality 12 x 12 papers they make. As a card maker, many times I have fallen in love and purchased some of the many beautiful 12 x 12 papers from BasicGrey. I have rushed home anxious to use my new found treasures, only to be disappointed when I discovered that the pattern was just too large for my cards. Finally, BasicGrey has a solution to our problem....6 x 6 patterned paper! What makes this paper so special you ask? Well, BasicGrey has taken the enchanting patterns of their 12 x 12 paper and scaled the patterns down to a very workable 6 x 6 size just for card makers! So now, card makers can have the benefit of the beautiful and unique patterns that have made BasicGrey famous in a perfect size just for cards. La Carta Bella has a wonderful selection of BasicGrey 6 x 6 paper that will add the perfect touch to any of your card and paper projects.

Below is a sample selection of the BasicGrey 6 x 6 paper that La Carta Bella offers.  IMG_0854


LBC                                        poodleonpink 

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