August 20, 2008

So....Exactly what does 'La Carta Bella' mean?

Well my friends, this a question that I get asked quite frequently. So here is a brief history of La Carta Bella.

For those who know my last name is Carlino and have seen my wonderful husband Ryan, also know he is Italian. I too am Italian with one small caveat. I am Italian only by marriage. :) However, I love everything Italian. My husband and I travel to Italy every other year and my love for all things Italian has only grown. When I was tossing around ideas for names for the store, of course I was drawn to something Italian. When delving into my limited Italian I came up with La Carta Bella which translates to 'Beautiful Paper'. Since making beautiful cards from beautiful stamps and papers is the essence of our passion for rubber stamping, La Carta Bella was born.
Stayed tuned....Next, I will explain why the store has a 'French' theme.
'Quando a Roma vai, fa come vedrai ' - When in Rome, do as the Romans do....


Ryan - Lake Como, Italy

Colliseum - Roma, Italy

Trevi Fountain - Roma, Italy